"Run of the Mill - A True Life, Napa Valley Adventure," by Dona Bakker

"A tender, heartfelt account of a childhood that might have been fraught with despair, but instead was taken up as an adventure. The author's positive and playful recollections are deeply personal, but many of them extend beyond the lives of two kids who had the unique opportunity to call the Old Bale Mill home. Hikes and chores, animal tales, testing one's courage, the loving care of grandparents, all these have broad appeal." Hilary Zunin

"...Truth is very often stranger than fiction ... Cultivating and examining memories can take a person (and a creative endeavor) to places they never dreamed of going ... Fact is, when we write of things personal, we cannot help but learn new things about ourselves. And, therein lies the beauty of this special book ... regardless of your background, experience, or age, you will find a unique 'sweetness' in this book that you will cherish for a long time to come." (Excerpts from the Foreword by Dane Stanley,The author's brother.)

"The Golden Road" Series, by Dona Bakker and Tami Riedeman

"The Golden Road, French Wine or Moonshine" and "The Golden Road Detour" were written by Dona Bakker and her long-time friend, Tami Riedeman. It was Dona's first attempt at fiction and, because the two friends lived in two different states, working together on this project brought them closer together. 

Much like the authors, the two characters in the book are two polar opposites, Grandy and Bernice. After finding themselves rooming together in a retirement home, they win a motor home on a game show and begin to travel to some unusual landmarks across the U.S. 

The first book has sold out, but is now available digitally. 

"The Golden Road Detour" can be purchased by contacting Dona directly through this website. 

"St. Helena High School - Circa 1940-1972," by Dona Bakker for Ralph M. Ingols

Over 2000 students passed through the halls of St. Helena High School between 1940 and 1972. This book chronicles the rich history and deep roots of their small town. Over 75 former students share their fondest and funniest memories of SHHS, as well as their academic, personal, civic, and professional accomplishments. Unfortunately, this book has sold out, but may be available through the St. Helena Historical Society. 

"Writing and Self-Publishing; One Author's Journey," by Dona Bakker

When asked by so many how she went about self-publishing her own works, Dona wrote this short book on the process. While technology is forever changing, she is still "old school." "If a live person answers the phone, they have a shot at my business."